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What Is Burnyzz?

Burnyzz isn't just a name or a business. It's a dream, a design, a wish, it's achieving the impossible. 

Our goal at the shop is to make your dreams come true as well.


We want people to think of the Burnyzz City Block as 'Hot Rod Heaven'.  We want you to come enjoy the facility, take in the new cars, see exciting new things happening each and every visit! 

So what will our 'Hot Rod Heaven' Block include? An all new showroom for all of your Classic Car Sale needs, an all new state of the art Service department that will completely encompass our current building, two amazing climate controlled storage facilities to ensure your vehicles are taken care of while your out of town or when you don't have space to store them and a new announcement will be made about the Burnyzz Corner Garage!

Founded by the Hart Family in 2010, Our goal is to make your experience with our shop, our sales, our service department, One that you'll never forget. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our 'family' style values. 

We are excited about our 'Grand Opening' of Burnyzz 2.0 Coming Soon!


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