1991 Chevrolet Corvette
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The C4 generation of Chevrolet's much desired Corvette was produced from 1984 through 1996, the second longest run of any Corvette generation. Each of those successive years, the Corvette engineering team worked to develop and improve many components and systems, making the C4 Corvette one of the best production sports cars on the road and a perennial favorite of the American public and automotive press alike. By the early nineties, performance had returned from the dark ages of the early eighties, and new technology allowed for improvement in suspension and braking designs. This made the second half of the C4 Corvette's production the best to be had. The 1991 Corvette you see here is a product of these design improvements and new technologies. The engine is the classic small block Chevrolet V8, cast in iron with aluminum cylinder heads for lower weight and better breathing. The beautiful cast aluminum intake with individual intake runners and multi port fuel injection increased output to 250 HP and 345 FT. LB. of torque. An improvement of 45 HP and 55 FT. LB. of torque over the 1984 models "Cross Fire" throttle body injected V8. This power and tire scorching torque is routed through General Motors stout 4L60 automatic four speed transmission. This unit shifts smoothly when cruising around town, and changes gears crisply under full power, making it effortless to drive weather on the street or at the track. The chassis is a unique blend of technology and materials. Up front is a short/long arm design, with tubular shock absorbers, composite transverse leaf spring, and a large diameter anti-roll bar. In back, you'll find an independent design with upper and lower trailing arms, tubular shock absorbers, composite transverse leaf spring, and a rear anti roll bar. The suspension on this particular example features Corvette's extra cost electronically adjustable shock absorbers. This amazing technology allows you to choose what firmness you would like for a given scenario. Out to dinner on a Saturday night, move the console mounted switch to TOUR and enjoy a comfortable ride. When driving fast on your favorite twisty back road, simply rotate the switch to SPORT, and feel the ride firm and the responses quicken. Out to set a fast lap on you local road course? Set the suspension to PERF and go all out knowing the suspension will respond with almost zero body roll and lightning quick response to inputs. The braking system on the Corvette is also designed to handle track day lapping. Up front there are 13" vented rotors with dual piston aluminum calipers for improved clamping force and heat dissipation. On the rear you'll find 13" vented rotors with aluminum single piston calipers. The Corvette also features 4 channel anti lock braking, meaning you can stomp the brakes with full force and let the system modulate brake pressure to bring the car to a fast controlled stop. Helping with that control are super sticky and super wide Toyo Proxxes with 275mm tread width in front and a whopping 315mm tread width on the rear.
Model year 1991 marked the only "redesign" of the body in the C4 generation. Up front a new bumper fascia incorporated wrap around combination turn signal,side marker, fog lamp assemblies. The long flowing hood was a hallmark of the C4 design. When the front hinged "clam shell" hood was lifted, the rear edge was almost 6 feet in the air. This gives amazing access to the Corvette's mechanicals, and allows for quick drying if lifted right after a wash. The side gills were redesigned from vertical to horizontal orientation. The roof is designed to be a structural part of the body, but can be easily removed and stored in the rear cargo area for open air motoring. The rear glass is a fully opening hatch. At the time of it's design, it was the largest single piece of glass in automotive production. This gives easy access to the deep rear storage area for groceries, golf clubs or whatever needs arise. Out back the tail cap was changed from concave to convex with an embossed "Corvette" script to mimic the high performance ZR-1 model. Dual-dual exhaust exits from underneath giving a powerful rear view.
Inside the Corvette is an intimate environment to spend some time at speed. The deep floor pans allow the seats to sit low for better center of gravity and improved handling. Getting in and out over the tall frame rails requires practice to do quickly, but once inside you are ensconced in a wrap around cockpit inspired by fighter aircraft. The seats in this particular Corvette features the optional "Sport" seats. These leather covered high back buckets feature full power, with three separate lumbar and side wing adjustments to keep you secure when the road turns twisty. All the features you would expect in a car of this caliber are there, with power windows, locks, and mirrors. The instrumentation is a combination of electronic and analog. A built in driver information center allows you to keep track of trip and fuel related metrics, along with digital readouts of important engine information. The climate control is fully automated. Just set the temperature, and the Corvette will control blower speed, temperature delivery, and output location to keep you cool on the most exciting drives. Want to hear your favorite speeding song? The Corvette has you covered there also. The audio system is a Delco/Bose Gold unit with cassette and CD player, speed compensated volume, and separate amplifiers for each speaker. This is a high quality, audiophile sound system, and plays your favorite music with accurate replication of every note. It offers a bang-for-the-buck that no other car out there does. If you want to put this American built sports car in your garage, then call or email Sales@Burnyzz.com today!!


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