1991 Acura NSX
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*REDUCED PRICE!*This is the sports car that ate Ferrari's lunch and thumbed it's nose at Lamborghini. Honda set out to engineer this car with the sole purpose of besting the world's supercar elite at a lower price. What they produced was an all aluminum, mid-engined sports car that was faster, more reliable, and easier to use on a daily basis than anything else on the market, and at a fraction of the price of the Italian stallions. The NSX was a wake up call to Ferrari, whose 348 model was slower, heavier, suffered from poor reliability, and an inflated price tag based on past prestige. An automotive David beating the super car Goliaths, this car is a legend amongst the sports car faithful. Honda accomplished this upset win by starting from scratch with a clean sheet design and allowing no compromises along the way. The engine is an all-aluminum, 3.0L DOHC V-6 with VTEC(Variable Timing Electronic Control). VTEC originated from Honda's F1 program, and allows for great low speed operation and fuel mileage using one camshaft profile, and then turning on the afterburners above 6000 rpm by switching cam profiles and screaming like a banshee all the way to the 8000 rpm limit!!!! Mated to a short throw 5-speed manual transmission, this race bred combination was dropped into the middle of an all aluminum chassis with a sub 3,000 pound total curb weight. This was the first time a mass produced car was built with a body made entirely of aluminum, and made the NSX lighter than anything else on four wheels. This feathery weight is the biggest contributor towards the NSX's tenacious grip and handling, and amazing stopping power. The steering is unassisted, which gives amazing steering feel, while the light weight makes parking lot maneuvers a breeze. The driving position has been optimized with a low slung instrument panel and low hood line giving great line of sight to set the car into a corner and nail the apex. Honda used the F-16 fighter jet as its inspiration for the cockpit on this car, and it shows in the layout of the controls and the way the interior surrounds the driver. You have power controls for the drivers seat, power windows, power locks, and automatic climate control. This low mileage, untouched original example still features the factory cassette deck. The seats are highly bolstered buckets in leather that keep you in place during even the most dramatic high speed maneuvers. You're going to want a flight suit to help handle all the Gs this car can produce!!! The exterior of this bright red legend is striking. The car is dramatically low, and the black roof cuts visual height even further. The pop up head lamps are super cool, while the one piece tail lamp assembly and built in spoiler add to the amazing good looks.This is the 90's sports car to own, and with the low proudction numbers, values are quickly rising. This low mileage exmple is super mint, and would look great in any garage. This is the kind of car you put a couch next too and and soak in it's timeless beauty while sipping your favorite drink. It is THAT good looking. If you would like the chance to own a legend and a piece of automotive art, stop in or email, Sales@Burnyzz.com, today!!!


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3.0 Liter V6
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3.0 Liter V6
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5 Speed Manual
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