The Burnyzz team is dedicated to making sure you're well taken care of, from sales to service and beyond!




Our superstar detailer. He is currently in high school and received the Eagle Scout of Honor this past December. Chris takes care of detailing all of our classic beauties in the showroom and prepping them before we list them for sale.


Front Office

Whether you walk through the front door or give us a call Jeffrey will be who you speak with! Jeffrey is a man full of life and exudes happiness whenever you speak with him! He has many years experience working with and selling classic cars. When he's not in the office you can find him at car shows throughout the state of Florida or in his garage tinkering with some of his classic cars!



Since coming home from the hospital in a 1964 1/2 Mustang, Tony was destined to be "The Mustang Guy". At the age of 15 Tony had his first experience with tearing down and rebuilding a Mustang! Tony starting tuning carburetors and distributors in the mid 80's, fuel injection in the early 90's and so on! Not only is Tony the 'Tuning Guru' he has also served our country for many years. Tony enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17. Don't let the nickname "The Mustang Guy" fool you, he can tune just about anything you can throw at him. He enjoys traveling the world making cars go faster. In his free time you will often find him spending quality time with his beautiful wife and children!


Master Fabricator / Repair Technician / Writer

Master Fabricator doesn't even begin to describe Dru! He can take your envisionment and make it come to life! From your day to day service work to a complete custom build, Dru is your guy! He started playing with cars at the young age of 16. When Dru isn't at the shop making other peoples dreams come true, he is busy raising his little man Max that just turned 9!


Service Director

John is Burnyzz first employee! He has been with us since we opened our shop. John started out turning wrenches in the back and is now up front as the Service Director. Nicknamed "Waldo" because he wears so many "hats" here! If you are looking for a quote, have service questions, John is your guy! When he isn't at the shop working, he enjoys spending time with his family and going to drift events!